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The Convenience in No Drill Towel Hooks; a Better and Safer Way to Hang Towel in the Bathroom

suction hook picture

suction hook picture

Towel hooks are necessary in the bathroom for holding and differentiating towels. However, in spite of their convenience, they can be messy as they require to be drilled into the wall. No drill towel hooks can also get rid of this inconvenience without compromising service.

The convenience in no drill towel hooks
As the name suggests, these hooks do not require to be drilled into the wall for attaching. They are simply installed onto the wall by pressing. They come with the base end of the hook optimized to stick on to walls and any other flat surfaces firmly.

As such, users can simply stick the hooks on any place that seems ideal on the bathroom wall. When in place, these hooks maintain a firm grip on the wall sufficient to ensure towels do not fall off when hanged. The grip of the towel hook’s base is usually strong enough to ensure that even big, wet and heavy towels remain in place after being hanged. Furthermore, they maintain this grip for a long time as required, but can also be easily removed if need be.

These hooks are also able to resist the effects of water on sticky surfaces. To this end, splashing water does not compromise their gripping capabilities. It is however important to ensure that the wall or surface you intend to attach the hooks to is dry before attaching. The gripping technology utilized at the base of the no drill towel hooks is further designed to ensure that albeit the grip is strong enough to hold the towel’s weight; it does not cause damage to the wall and/or painting. As such, the hooks can be easily de-attached from walls without much effort and without scrapping off paint and other décor. These hooks are also durable as the metal is strong and compact, ensuring unhindered service for a long time.

No drill towel hooks further come with appealing and compact looks which go a long way in complementing their convenience. They are made from stainless material to ensure that they do not rust and stain when exposed to the wet towels and the wet humidity in the bathroom. The hooks are also designed to be compact to hold towels safely. They are also smooth and shiny, making them appealing to the eye and to touch. This further adds a touch of elegance to the bathroom, complementing the other décor.

Purchasing no drill towel hooks
The popularity of these hooks among people makes them easy to find and affordable. Furthermore, they come in diverse shapes and designs, and while some are simple plain and elegant, others come with extra decorations in the design to decorate the bathroom. This hence gives buyers a wide range of options when considering the looks to go with.

After purchase, choose a flat and even surface on the bathroom’s walls where the hook will be ideal placed. Ensure that the surface is dry to allow the base to stick. Installation is easy and fast, and the hooks can be removed at any time.

Make use of no drill towel hooks in your bathroom for both convenience and appealing looks. They are durable, easy to install and easy to remove without damaging the wall.