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Testing Weight Holding Capability of Vacuum Suction Cup

The technology of vacuum suction cups has been catching on fast; particularly for the use of hanging items on a surface. This is because the technology behind suction cups allows items to be hung without causing damage to the surface, replacing the previously popular choice of nails. This is how it works: when the suction cup is placed on a wall or any flat surface, the air inside it is pushed out, eliminating pressure inside. Without pressure, a vacuum is created. This vacuum is what seals the cup to the surface. Different vacuum suction cups in the market come with different prices and different capabilities. When they lose the vacuum that binds them to the surface, suction cups will detach from the surface.

If you have already purchased a vacuum suction cup, it is imperative that you perform a weight test of suction cup in order to determine the item’s capabilities. By doing this, you avoid the risk of putting too much weight on the cup and causing damage.

For those who use vacuum suction cups to hold or hang items on the wall, it is imperative to perform a pull test. To test the pulling ability of a vacuum suction cup, the following instruction may be of use. Suction cups used on the wall to hang items are especially recommended to this test in order to be aware of the optimum holding capacity.

Before beginning to add weights, ensure that the suction cup and the surface on which it will be placed are clean and clear of any debris or dirt. If either the surface or suction cup needs to be cleaned, wash with warm water and soap and dry gently with clean cloth or paper towel. To better suction, apply a small amount of cooking oil on either the rim of the suction cup or the surface. Once everything is clean, gently press the suction cup all the way down until it is flat. Press the cup all the way down, against the surface. Ensure that it is firmly attached in order to proceed with the weight test.

The weight test requires adding weights to the cup in 5 kg increments. Also, there should be a 30 second time period between adding weights. This is to allow settlement of the previous weight and measuring reaction before adding more.

1. Hang a holding utility on the cup. Making sure it is capable of holding up to 35 kg.

Note: to make the holding utility, try attaching strings to a small sized box. The strings should meet in the middle where they can be connected to the suction cup handle. Also, the weights should be standard official weights for preciseness purposes.

2. Put 5kg on the holding utility and observe the cup. At this stage, it is probable that nothing will occur because many suction cups are able to hold this weight.

3. Add another 5kg after 30 seconds while observing.

4. After 30 seconds, add another 5kg of weight. Again, observe the cup carefully. When observing make sure you look out for any abnormalities such as popping noises which may indicate that the suction cup is losing vacuum and may detach. However, at this stage this is unlikely.

5. Continue adding 5kgs after every 30 seconds and observe carefully any reactions from the suction cup.

6. The average optimum holding capability of vacuum suction cups has been measure to be 34.0 kg. Once you begin approaching these weights, carefully keep an eye on the suction cup. If it exceeds 34.0 kg, it is highly capable of holding items of that weight for a long time after initial mounting.

Note: when performing the test, keep in check any noise that the cup may make for it may be an indication of loss of suction on the cup. If the suction cup gives in under 20 kg, try re-cleaning the surface and the cup. Also, this is when adding oil is recommended.

Weight tests on suction cups are important. It enables you to determine its weight holding capability. By knowing the maximum limit, you are able to determine which item can and which items cannot be held by the cup. Also, when purchasing a suction cup, ask questions to customer care regarding which brand is suitable for your needs. The above is an insight with this respect.

Fore more details about weight tests result , please  read pull test report .