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Everything that you need to know about bathroom suction products

Your bathroom is your own private world where you can sing, dance and do anything you want without getting noticed. But that does not mean that it should not be maintained properly. If you want to refresh and relax with a nice bath, the overall ambiance of your bathroom needs to be really supportive and […]

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Advantages Of A Shampoo Holder Using Suction Cups

It feels rewarding to have an organized home where you have everything set in the right place. Same goes for the important part of your home where you do your routine for personal hygiene and which is also a room for yourself, for privacy and relaxation- the bathroom. It would be great to have a […]

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Increase Your Productivity With The Right Bathroom Items

Benefits of a good Bathroom There is something about the bathroom that makes people feel completely free. Whether it is the fact that it is a place you feel free to undress, sing loudly regardless of your voice quality or just relax for a few minutes after a hard day, the bathroom certainly recharges you. […]

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Getting The Right Bathroom Products

When it comes to selecting and buying bathroom products, quite a number of individuals face difficulties. Should I go for the cheapest product? Is it better to buy locally manufactured products? Or who is the best dealer? These are among the questions that many people ask. Like any other room or region in the home, […]

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Ideal Suction Lock Bathroom Accessories

When you are looking for suction lock bathroom accessories, there are some factors to put into consideration. Drilling can be very intrusive and will destroy the aesthetic value of the bathroom. Whether you have installed tiles, natural stone, glass or other varied types of bathroom walls, you can find a suction lock that will support […]

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Heavy Duty Suction Cup Testing

Heavy duty suction cups have a number of applications, and can be integrated into towel rack products, soap dishes, suction hooks, shelves, kitchen fittings, and many others. The uses of these suction cups are endless, and they provide convenience and durability to the customer. Of these heavy duty suction cups, Garbath is the manufacturer that […]

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Time Test of Suction Cup

uction cups are very handy items to have. For maximum quality assurance they should be subjected to the time test of suction cup. Vacuum suction cups use the fluid pressure of air to stick to surfaces such as glass due to a vacuum that is created. Basically, a suction cup can adhere to any nonporous […]

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Testing Weight Holding Capability of Vacuum Suction Cup

The technology of vacuum suction cups has been catching on fast; particularly for the use of hanging items on a surface. This is because the technology behind suction cups allows items to be hung without causing damage to the surface, replacing the previously popular choice of nails. This is how it works: when the suction […]

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Top Three Bathroom Accesories

Using the right bathroom accesories can produce the combined effect of having a fantastic looking bathroom which is also very utilitarian.

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Identifying Reputable Bathroom Fittings Manufacturers

If you are looking for quality fittings that will be used in your bathrooms, it is highly recommended that you look for reputable bathroom fittings manufacturers. This way, you can be assured that you will get everything you need and these can be used for a very long time without any complications. This also implies […]

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The Convenience in No Drill Towel Hooks; a Better and Safer Way to Hang Towel in the Bathroom

Towel hooks are necessary in the bathroom for holding and differentiating towels. However, in spite of their convenience, they can be messy as they require to be drilled into the wall. No drill towel hooks can also get rid of this inconvenience without compromising service. The convenience in no drill towel hooks As the name […]

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PVC or Rubber sucker? Don’t confuse to choose best!

In Last post “Ways to Review Suction Cups and Their Performance”, we get idea about how to reviews suction performance by 2 different testing. But the fact is it is very important about materials of sucker. When we shop around market for suction bathroom fittings and get some back, there will be found two material […]

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Ways To Review Suction Cups And Their Performance

Modern science and technology have provided mankind as a whole with many ingenious and useful tools which make many common tasks much easier and more efficient. In many cases, the tools that work the best make use of basic principles of physics, and also feature simple yet effective designs. One of these modern tools that […]

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Benefit of Using Suction Bathroom Accessories

So what is benefit of using suction bathroom accessories in your life ? The bathroom is one of the main components of the home that needs to be cleaned daily. An absence of a clean bathroom can affect the dweller’s well-being. When you enter the bathroom to answer the call of nature, your mood suddenly […]

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Bathroom Suction Hooks – What Makes Them So Ideal

        The popularity of this essential device is attributed to the following aspects: User-friendly Ordinarily, for a person to hang the clothes, towels or any other accessories, he needed to make use of rails and other holders. These are usually very rigid and bulky. Once fixed in a place nothing much could […]

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What is no drilling required bath accessory

What is no drilling required  bath accessory ? No drilling required bath accessory  means we can use new methods to mount bath accessory on wall ,abandon drilling or tools which may damage your tile, glass ,wooden surface in bathroom wall. By comparing traditional ways and  no drilling ways  below , you will get the reason […]