How to fix suction cup bathroom accessories

The video shows you how to fix suction bathroom accessories with suction and glue ,no any drill and tools required ,  no damage your wall surface , it can reuse and remove easily , water proof  and  moisture free.

    • Suction fix

Suction installation: tiles,glass,plastic,metal coating or other smooth surface . suction fix 3 steps

    • Glue fix

Installation by silicone glue : Application for tough surface-mosaic , wooden ,lime,latex paint, wallpaper,etc. glue fix 6 steps Cautions:

1.Reuse notice:put suction into 45 degree warm water 5 min, dry it off , then repeat above steps.

2.Put your matter after 2 hours test to sure it is firm installation.

3.Not recommended for valuable and friable matter (such as clock,glasses) .

Instruction sheet is always put into box or printing on box , Just read and fix as per steps .

How to fix adhesive bathroom accessories

application for hard , flat  surface without dust, ash .

adhesive fix 3 steps


  1. Mount on the multifunction components (Y) on the bedplate before sticking it, avoid it can not take off after installation.
  2. Put your matter after a 24 hours test to sure it is firm installation, matter should below 3 kilograms.
  3. Not recommended for valuable and friable matter(such as clock,camera,glasses, jewel,etc.)
  4. Not recommended for rough surface, the performance will be fade if overload. Incorrect installation, please mind safety during installation.