PVC or Rubber sucker? Don’t confuse to choose best!

In Last post “Ways to Review Suction Cups and Their Performance”, we get idea about how to reviews suction performance by 2 different testing. But the fact is it is very important about materials of sucker.
When we shop around market for suction bathroom fittings and get some back, there will be found two material suckers when dissemble the suction cup system, one is transparent and hard sucker which made of PVC, another is soft black or white rubber sucker. Let’s explain what are different of PVC or rubber sucker .

PVC rubber sucker
  • PVC sucker

The sucker is made of PVC material. What is PVC? The full name of PVC is Polyvinyl chloride。 It is one of plastic used width in construction and clothes, like pipe, PVC trousers.
What the feature we can get when made sucker with PVC?

Since PVC has high hardness and mechanical properties, it should be added plasticizers when making sucker and has different performance in different temperature.

  1. Weak seal ability from hardness nature
  2. Shortage airtight performance from hardness nature
  3. Aging faster and easily while evaporation of plasticizers

Normally, we call PVC sucker as 1st generation sucker, which is most used in 20th century.
Although PVC sucker has its weakness, but it is cheap and source easily, there are still many vendor would like to made their sucker in PVC.

  • Rubber sucker

With modern materials development, Synthetic rubber is used for sucker design. It is not a kind of nature rubber and mixes other element to improve rubber performance as per different purpose. So, to raise airtight and seal ability, the sucker is made of special synthetic rubber.
What the feature of rubber sucker?
The special material character will be soft and easy to airtight, also shape in special sucker construction, and ensure it comes over the weakness of PVC sucker.

  1. Airtight easily and seal well, water proof
  2. Stable performance in different temperature
  3. Slow aging , long life

Of course, the cost of rubber sucker will much higher than PVC sucker, but it is affordable to use.
Normally, we call rubber sucker as 2nd generation sucker. We maybe have 3rd generation or 4th generation sucker in future, but now, we stay here on rubber sucker.
With the coming of rubber sucker , bathroom accessories with suction cup will be more reliable on sucking nonporous surface for long time 2-3 years , not like PVC sucker 2-3 months .
Hope above information about sucker materials will be helpful when you choose suction cup next shopping. Don’t confused, just go for rubber sucker.