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Everything that you need to know about bathroom suction products

Your bathroom is your own private world where you can sing, dance and do anything you want without getting noticed. But that does not mean that it should not be maintained properly. If you want to refresh and relax with a nice bath, the overall ambiance of your bathroom needs to be really supportive and it should be really appealing as well. Bathroom recharges you after a busy day’s work when you take a nice shower and it also offers you sound sleep. If you want to keep your bathroom highly functional and truly appealing, you have to use top quality bathroom suction products.

How does suction technology works?

Most people use nuts, bolts and screws to fit bathroom accessories to the wall and you might have noticed that such a method of approach disturbs the wall seriously. Over a period of time, the wall may crack and it also spoils the overall ambiance of your bathroom. That is exactly where the importance of suction products comes in. You do not have to rely on nuts and bolts to attach bathroom accessories to the wall anymore and the suction technology works on the basis of the vacuum theory. You can make use of the suction cups and hooks (deformable plastic substances) to attach accessories to the wall and they need to be pressed against the wall to get fixed.

Different types of bathroom suction products

You can find different types of suction accessories and they include soap holder, soap dish, suction cup soap dish, wall mounted soap dish, wall towel rack, towel bar, towel holder, towel ring, corner shelf, organizer, shelf unit, bathroom rack, wall shelf, ladder shelf, shower caddy, toothbrush holder, toilet roll holder, hair dryer organizer, shower head holder, flower pots, suction mirror, shampoo shelf, shampoo holder, shower baskets, shower racks, hair dryer holders, toilet brush holder and different types of towel hooks as well.

Major benefits of bathroom suction products

Reliable manufactures have introduced suction accessories that offer combined function and they save a lot of space in your bathroom. They can be mounted on the wall really fast and you can remove them quite easily without damaging the surface as well. Drilling is not required for suction products and they can also be cleaned without too much difficulty. The compact size of these products has won great appreciation from a huge number of people and majority of them are made of stainless steel. These accessories always stay rust free and the elegant appearance of these products helps your bathroom achieve a classy look. It will be unfair not to mention about the cost effectiveness of these products and reputed manufacturers always offer a harmonious blend of quality and affordability.


It can be said without an iota of doubt that when you purchase top quality bathroom suction products from a reliable manufacturer, your bathroom will look really organized and the aesthetic appeal can also be enhanced in the best possible manner. Most importantly, these products improve the functionality of your bathroom and your shower will become more and more refreshing as well.

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Advantages Of A Shampoo Holder Using Suction Cups

It feels rewarding to have an organized home where you have everything set in the right place. Same goes for the important part of your home where you do your routine for personal hygiene and which is also a room for yourself, for privacy and relaxation- the bathroom. It would be great to have a calming and relaxing bath in a soapy bathtub or under a warm shower, and even better if you can easily reach your toiletries such as your favorite shampoo. A shampoo holder using suction cups makes this possible and makes it very convenient. Not only does it make your life in the bathroom a lot easier but you will not go through any problem or fuss instaling it. It is very quick and easy to put anywhere you want it. You can affix it without any complicated steps on how to assemble the product. There’s no need for tools such as screws, nails and a hammer in the process. You won’t have to do any noisy and messy drilling. You also won’t be needing adhesives. Both hammering and sticking could ruin your wall or tiles in the process, or if not, in the future when you decide to remove your bathroom accessory or wish to transfer it to a different location and you realize you can’t. It will just leave holes or marks where you’ve previously placed it and it would be a hassle to take it off anyway. The shampoo holder using suction cups ensures safety for your walls against cracks or damage. It is both time and cost efficient for it is budget friendly compared to the price of other shampoo holders that may need installation.

Garbath uses suction cups with great power, for test reports show that these can hold up to 34kg which makes it highly reliable and heavy duty. The suction cups are designed to be applied to a smooth and flat surface such as tiles, glass or metal. You may also use the silicone glue fix for rough surfaces like lime or painted walls. The suction cups will stick to your wall in seconds, roughly within 1 minute. They are strong and will be able to hold your shampoo in place firmly and securely. It is reusable and you can reposition it anywhere and anytime you wish. Doing so does not reduce its quality and power of the suction cup which makes it long-lasting and can be used over and over. Garbath offers a shampoo holder using suction cups, built for holding 3 pieces of shampoo bottles which is sturdy and durable. It is able to withstand the pressure when you push the bottle for the liquid. The stainless steel finish is perfect for a rust-free bathroom fitting.
The shampoo holder using suction cups is one of the best storage accessories that you can add to your bathroom that will greatly complement your other holders such as soap dishes or towel rings. Garbath offers these bathroom organizers for combined function in DIY style, giving your bathroom your personal touch of elegant design and stylish appearance.

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Increase Your Productivity With The Right Bathroom Items

Benefits of a good Bathroom

There is something about the bathroom that makes people feel completely free. Whether it is the fact that it is a place you feel free to undress, sing loudly regardless of your voice quality or just relax for a few minutes after a hard day, the bathroom certainly recharges you. It is therefore in your best interests to have a bedroom that is appealing and relaxing enough to offer you joy. Being the place you take a shower, it is also a place to calm your mind. Have you ever noticed that you sometimes come up with solutions to pressing problems during a bath? Taking a good bath just before going to bed relaxes your body and leads to having a restful night’s sleep. When you enjoy a restful sleep, you wake up happy and ready to face the day which leads to a more productive day.

 Considerations for choosing the right bathroom items

When you are fitting a bedroom in your new house or you have decided to redecorate your current bathroom, there are a number of considerations to look at. The first one is usually the budget you have at hand because it determines the type of accessories that you will purchase for your bedroom. However, even with the budget, you need to decide on the most suitable bathroom decor. Only then can you decide about the individual items you will have in the bathroom. If you do not have a specific decor theme, you can browse on the internet and you will find numerous ideas that you can adapt to suit your needs. It is best if you use some cool and relaxing colors that will offer you the peace that you desire. After you decide what you want, you can go ahead and start selecting the individual bathroom items. You can start by looking for quality items that are available at an affordable price. While searching for quality items, you can start with shower curtains, some good towels, bath mats and rugs as well as some of the fixed items such as the sink and mirror. The towels in particular have a key role to play in your relaxation and you should go for large and soft cotton towels. With many items being available in online stores, you do not have to spend too much time searching for the items you need. If you can, you should buy from one supplier so that you can enjoy some volume discounts. The bathroom lighting is something that most people forget to factor in. Ideally, you should have some cool light that will put you in the right mood to relax whenever you visit the bathroom.

Fitting the bathroom

After you have identified and ordered your bathroom items, you need to look for an expert to do the fitting. It is important for the items to be fitted by a professional who understands how to place items in strategic places to make the room appear more spacious than it actually is. With the fitting done, you can go ahead and have a great time as you enjoy the precious and relaxing moments only experienced in the bathroom.

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Getting The Right Bathroom Products

When it comes to selecting and buying bathroom products, quite a number of individuals face difficulties. Should I go for the cheapest product? Is it better to buy locally manufactured products? Or who is the best dealer? These are among the questions that many people ask. Like any other room or region in the home, the bathroom also needs to be both functional as well as aesthetic. This is the only way to derive maximum satisfaction. Choosing the right products for the bathroom should not be hard. In fact, it can be quite simple. All that is required is following the aspects stated below:

  • Identify the Right Product

The first step to getting the right bathroom accessory is familiarizing oneself with the product. This is particularly important for a newbie or person buying the product for the first time. The process entails knowing what will bring out the best appeal, a product that will enhance functionality, or a product that exactly matches a previous product in case of replacement. Identifying the correct product greatly reduces inconveniences that come with repeat work such as errors or buying another product. Searching over the Internet or engaging credible dealers comes handy when to figure out what will work best.

  • Engage a Reputable Dealer

Finding a good product involves some effort as well as time. An individual will need to carryout research on different products, compare prices, as well as talk to people dealing in bathroom products. To minimise the effort and time spent, a customer can simply engage a reputable stockiest. The dealer will have a wide range of products on offer; he will be familiar with market needs, as well as changing trends. Therefore, he will be able to assist a customer in making the right choice. In addition, he will offer advice on the right product.

  • Price Comparison

Improving technology as well as cutthroat competition in the market is leading to a broad range of goods. In order to entice a customer, the sellers or dealers will use price as the main factor. The dealers will offer price discounts, special prices, coupons and promo codes and much more so as to get a customer to buy their products. Prior to purchasing a product, an individual should compare the prices being offered in the market. A top quality product doesn’t necessarily have to be the most expensive. In fact, many a times, customer have identified first-class bathroom products and still saved money.

Compared to the earlier days, selecting the right products for the bathroom has become more daunting. First-of-all, technology has improved a lot leading to a wide array of products. Second, competition in the market has become stiffer. This has led to easy and quick distribution consequently making the products readily available. Third, trends keep on changing: what was ideal a few years ago may become unappealing or outdated. Four, there is too much information about the products. This may end up confusing a prospective buyer even more. Nonetheless, following the above tips on bathroom products minimises the troubles or predicaments.

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Ideal Suction Lock Bathroom Accessories

When you are looking for suction lock bathroom accessories, there are some factors to put into consideration. Drilling can be very intrusive and will destroy the aesthetic value of the bathroom. Whether you have installed tiles, natural stone, glass or other varied types of bathroom walls, you can find a suction lock that will support your items. There are some standard aspects that you should make certain are available before you purchase the perfect accessories. Read more

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Top Three Bathroom Accesories

The bathroom is one of the places in any home that is mostly dedicated to pure functionality. There, homeowners and guests alike are regularly primarily interested in the use of the bathroom, and most often much less in its style or design layout. Providing a nice decoration to a bathroom can also decrease its functionality and usefulness. This effect is produced by making the bathroom harder to clean or by overcrowding its space with items that have a purely decorative purpose. Fortunately, this does not have to be the case. Using the right bathroom accesories can produce the combined effect of having a fantastic looking bathroom which is also very utilitarian. The range of products which can be found in this category is surprisingly broad and extremely versatile when it comes to different kinds of bathrooms. Here are some of the most elegant and useful bathroom accesories around.

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Identifying Reputable Bathroom Fittings Manufacturers

If you are looking for quality fittings that will be used in your bathrooms, it is highly recommended that you look for reputable bathroom fittings manufacturers. This way, you can be assured that you will get everything you need and these can be used for a very long time without any complications. This also implies that you will get to enjoy great value for money as you will not have to keep going back to the store to have the fittings replaced or repaired. Some of the factors that can be used to determine reputable manufacturers such as:


One of the most important things to look out for when searching for bathroom fittings manufacturers is the reputation they have managed to maintain over the years they have been in service. The best way to find this out is by looking at recommendations and testimonials from people who have worked with the manufacturers in the past. A good manufacturer will readily avail some contacts to you as they have confidence in the services/products they offer and have nothing to hide. This way, you get information from first hand experiences to make an informed decision on whether to work with them or not.

Products offered

You want to work with bathroom fittings manufacturers that deal with the products you are looking for. This means that while you are conducting research, you should also be on the lookout for the products that the manufacturers have to offer. You can also consider the material that is used to make the products to know if it is exactly what you are looking for. There are times when you may not find what you are looking for and it also helps to look for manufacturers who offer custom made services so that you never have to settle for products that you do not want.


This is also an important factor to put into consideration while looking for bathroom fittings manufacturers. There are some manufacturers out there that are in the business of exploiting individuals and you should avoid them at all costs if you want to get great value for money spent or even save some cash that can be used for other important things. This simply means that you have to identify a couple of manufacturers that you would work with and compare the prices they offer to choose the one that has the most affordable rates without compromising on quality.

It also helps to look for bathroom fittings manufacturers that put the needs of their customers first. This means that it should have a functional customer service team that is always ready and willing to help you out when you need answers to certain questions or need a couple of concerns addressed. This way, you will not have any doubt in your mind when you decide to give them business. The manufacturer you decide to settle with should also conduct business in a straightforward manner so that there are no complications when you want to get all the bathroom fittings you need.

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The Convenience in No Drill Towel Hooks; a Better and Safer Way to Hang Towel in the Bathroom

suction hook picture

suction hook picture

Towel hooks are necessary in the bathroom for holding and differentiating towels. However, in spite of their convenience, they can be messy as they require to be drilled into the wall. No drill towel hooks can also get rid of this inconvenience without compromising service.

The convenience in no drill towel hooks
As the name suggests, these hooks do not require to be drilled into the wall for attaching. They are simply installed onto the wall by pressing. They come with the base end of the hook optimized to stick on to walls and any other flat surfaces firmly.

As such, users can simply stick the hooks on any place that seems ideal on the bathroom wall. When in place, these hooks maintain a firm grip on the wall sufficient to ensure towels do not fall off when hanged. The grip of the towel hook’s base is usually strong enough to ensure that even big, wet and heavy towels remain in place after being hanged. Furthermore, they maintain this grip for a long time as required, but can also be easily removed if need be.

These hooks are also able to resist the effects of water on sticky surfaces. To this end, splashing water does not compromise their gripping capabilities. It is however important to ensure that the wall or surface you intend to attach the hooks to is dry before attaching. The gripping technology utilized at the base of the no drill towel hooks is further designed to ensure that albeit the grip is strong enough to hold the towel’s weight; it does not cause damage to the wall and/or painting. As such, the hooks can be easily de-attached from walls without much effort and without scrapping off paint and other décor. These hooks are also durable as the metal is strong and compact, ensuring unhindered service for a long time.

No drill towel hooks further come with appealing and compact looks which go a long way in complementing their convenience. They are made from stainless material to ensure that they do not rust and stain when exposed to the wet towels and the wet humidity in the bathroom. The hooks are also designed to be compact to hold towels safely. They are also smooth and shiny, making them appealing to the eye and to touch. This further adds a touch of elegance to the bathroom, complementing the other décor.

Purchasing no drill towel hooks
The popularity of these hooks among people makes them easy to find and affordable. Furthermore, they come in diverse shapes and designs, and while some are simple plain and elegant, others come with extra decorations in the design to decorate the bathroom. This hence gives buyers a wide range of options when considering the looks to go with.

After purchase, choose a flat and even surface on the bathroom’s walls where the hook will be ideal placed. Ensure that the surface is dry to allow the base to stick. Installation is easy and fast, and the hooks can be removed at any time.

Make use of no drill towel hooks in your bathroom for both convenience and appealing looks. They are durable, easy to install and easy to remove without damaging the wall.

PVC or Rubber sucker? Don’t confuse to choose best!

In Last post “Ways to Review Suction Cups and Their Performance”, we get idea about how to reviews suction performance by 2 different testing. But the fact is it is very important about materials of sucker.
When we shop around market for suction bathroom fittings and get some back, there will be found two material suckers when dissemble the suction cup system, one is transparent and hard sucker which made of PVC, another is soft black or white rubber sucker. Let’s explain what are different of PVC or rubber sucker .

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Benefit of Using Suction Bathroom Accessories

suction bathroom accessories sets

So what is benefit of using suction bathroom accessories in your life ?

The bathroom is one of the main components of the home that needs to be cleaned daily. An absence of a clean bathroom can affect the dweller’s well-being. When you enter the bathroom to answer the call of nature, your mood suddenly changes when it is dirty and the things are not properly arranged. The bathroom is messy even if you clean it regularly because there is no storage or racks for your toiletries and beauty essentials. It is good to hear that manufacturers are creating innovative ways to help homeowners to brighten their day by producing suction bathroom accessories.

The accessories come in various types and designs to make your bathroom use flexible and convenient. There is no need for you to poke a hammer onto the wall to attach them since they can be suctioned on a smooth surface or glued on rough surface. Gone are the days where you have to call a carpenter to fix your bathroom since you can do a DIY with the aid of the accessories. Unlike the traditional cabinet and shelving, this does not require you to use power tools to bore the wall.

Suctioning the wall means there is no damage and traces of flaws once you have attached the bathroom accessories as you do not need screws to support them. The suction cup acts as a vacuum so that the accessories will cling to the wall in seconds. If you live alone, using a suction accessory for the bathroom is the best solution to organize your things.

The bathroom accessories set is designed to suit your personal needs such as shampoos, foot scrub, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, loofah scrub, toilet paper, and to name a few. If you are tired of seeing the position of your towel rod or soap dish, you can move the accessories as they are reusable and do not leave a residue or indelible marks on the bathroom wall.

The bathroom counter organizer, bathroom corner and ladder shelves, towel ring and toothbrush organizer are some of the accessories that you must have for your bathroom. They are made to give your bathroom a breathing space and make it your comfort zone every time you make your visit. If you are fond of reading a magazine or a book inside the bathroom, you can mount a wall organizer and shelf to keep the reading materials organized.

More homeowners are using the suction bathroom accessories because they are practical, light and inexpensive. This is good for those people who are only renting their homes, as they can always remove and reuse the accessories. Indeed, they are convenient for students who live in dormitories to have their things organized and avoid bickering with their fellow dormers because of a missing toothbrush.

There is a DIY organizer where you can put all your things in one setting. The accessories are free from rust since they are made of stainless wire, and moist in the bathroom cannot affect its appearance compared to wood or aluminum racks. With the use of vacuum technology in bathrooms, homeowners find it as the best bathroom solution within their budget range.