Suction hooks help you hang things on wall in bathroom

As a most common bathroom accessories,every family should have several hooks in bathroom , at least 1 piece or more .  We can mount the hooks on wall , so it can be used for hanging something ,like towel, string ,wash brush ,etc.. It brings convenient life everywhere in order .

Suction hooks is easier and faster than traditional installation by screws

By the suction cup system , we can easy to fix wall hooks on smooth bathroom wall surface ,  abandon the screws and drill holes on wall. The super heavy duty vacuum cup system is patented and  can hold on long time on wall , don’t worry about slip down .  Fast fixing and take it easy to use .

Suction cup hooks also comes from  strong glue kits

To expand to the use range of  the hooks , ensure you can fix it on rough wall surface ,like wooden, lime in bathroom , the hooks also come with glue accessories . So that ,  we have a whole  solution to fix hook on wall without any drilling and damage the wall .