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Objective Test Report to Certificate Powerful Suction System

Garbath commits  to suction cap Research and Development since 2007  which may be the only one manufacture can present objective test report of suction performance from the 3rd  inspection party .

May other advertisement which declare the suction can be hold  on surface  forever or  8 years , but  do they show you a real test report to support the words  ?  As vacuum theory application as we know , there should not be a suction cap  can suck forever on his position .

Garath is in this field more than 7 years and  get many suction items from open marketing , and all test result is not the fact as their advertise . What you will find the test report is hold by 3rd inspection company ,  it is certificated  garbath’s suction system is reliable for bathroom accessories sets .

Generally , We can review suction performance by two  index :

  1. Suspension endurance test – test the suction system how long it can stand on the position at certain weights ( normal 5 kg )
  2. Pull test – test the suction system slip or drop down at how many weights .

1. Suspension endurance test 365days

2. Pull test 34kg

Quality Control Department makes strict testing in house

A strict inspection by Technology and Quality Control Department in house will be holding anytime for each batch product , ensure chase quality for each order. 

There will be test  outdoor and indoor and label each test condition each time .

Suction Test indoor

Suction  Test  outdoor under different weather

Test outdoor under different weather

Inspection under ISO 9001-2008 Quality certification Gurantee

 With ISO 9001-2008 Quality certification ,  the production can be meet the design standard and satisfy clients . 

Garbath ISO 9001-2008 Quality Management System Certificate

There also are other test report available

More  test reports like  Humidity treament test, Raining test , material  Rohs report  are available .