Make your bathroom or kitchen in order easily, Magic working!

By comparison pictures , you can feel the different convenience from Garbath suction items .

  1. The left picture shows one of client’s  kitchen after  cooking .
  2. The right picture shows  the kitchen in order by fix Garbath suction items well .

What a mess kitchen before use

what a mess kitchen picture

Kitchen in order with Garbath suction items

kitchen in order by suction items


There more than 5000000 pieces  suction cap bathroom and kitchen accessories  were delivered to consumer . On the /  which is the biggest online B2C in China , Garbath  is the top 3 brands of suction houseware , the review score keep over 4.8  of 5 stars.

Here you will find  some reviews which translate to English from buyer from there .

Fine item , suck firmly ! The seller is thoughtful , also present glue accessories for tough surface , Five stars.

shadofuBuyer from

Pretty Quality ! Just review after  several days  , the wall hook stick on wall firmly ! But  it took me much time to get  the protected film off . Good job!

sxsongxin1027Buyer from

Well , It is good , It  is my second deal for this ,  Pretty Quality~ thanks for  seller’s gift .

melody_66OL from

Good item, quick delivery!

Edna Terrell Buyer from