Time Test of Suction Cup

Suction cups are very handy items to have. For maximum quality assurance they should be subjected to the time test of suction cup. Vacuum suction cups use the fluid pressure of air to stick to surfaces such as glass due to a vacuum that is created. Basically, a suction cup can adhere to any nonporous surface. The principle is quite simple. The suction cup is curved inwards and this is the part that is pressed against a nonporous surface. The air and moisture between the cup and the surface flows out as the cup is pressed. When the suction cup is released, it goes to its original shape. The space between the surface and the cup is now a partial vacuum of low pressure. The combination of the low pressure inside and the higher atmospheric pressure exerted on the outside caused a suction cup to remain adhered to the surface.

Time Test of Suction Cup

When a suction cup is attached to a surface, the amount of time that it will remain adhered depends on the length of time that fluid –air and moisture- will take to get back into the cup. Once the pressure is changed and the vacuum no longer exists, the suction cup will fall off. The suspension endurance test taken for the suction cup is meant to evaluate how long a suction cup will remain attached to a surface with a load hanging on it. This endurance test is important when one is considering the right suction cup to purchase. Such a study was carried out for by the Garbath Houseware Company Ltd and it outlines how to properly carry out the time test of suction cups.


The vacuum suction cup was attached to a clean glass surface. Glass is nonporous and therefore an ideal test surface. For result comparison purposes, two samples were set up. To each, a load of five kilograms was attached vertically. The environmental conditions were at average. The temperature was at a range of 20-30.C and the humidity was 30%-90% RH. These are basically the conditions that are experienced in normal room environment. The load remained static during the period of testing and the endurance time test period was one year long.

Factors to Consider in Time Test for Suction Cup

There are various factors affecting the weight that can be supported by a particular suction cup. Different sizes will support different weights. For instance, a small suction pump can be very effective in holding an item in the house but it cannot be used in carrying car windshields. The direction that the load faces relative to the suction cup is very important. The vertical direction is the most strenuous to the surface. Porosity of the surface is important. This is an important factor to consider before using any suction cup. Other factors include the rigidity of a load, temperature and other conditions such as humidity.

Results and Cautionary Measures

After the period set for the time test of suction cup elapsed, the results were reviewed. The success of such an experiment depends on meeting requirements that were set beforehand. In this case, the ability of the suction cup being capable of supporting a load of five kilograms without sliding or falling off. In the case of Garbath Houseware, the suction pump passed the test. At the end of the experiment, the samples were found to still be firmly attached in the same position. The temperature also remained in the same range while humidity was 51%-89% RH.

It is important for such a test to be conducted by a professional. These tests should be carried out in normal atmospheric conditions for them to be viable. The surfaces should be nonporous to avoid hazards as well as incorrect results. Proper use of these suction pumps should always be applied.

Application of Suction Cups

The uses of suction cups vary and different sizes can be applied in performing various tasks. The most popular use of suction cups is hanging objects on various surfaces such as walls. They are handy and convenient because unlike nails or screws, they do not damage the walls. They are mostly used in bathrooms on the nonporous tiles. Commercially, they are used in carrying of glass such as window panes in construction. Basically, as long as the physics principles are constant, suction cups are very versatile tools as long as they tested for quality and endurance.