Towel racks with suction cup

Towels have become one of the basic human needs. From soaking water off the body to drying  wet hands, all these things can only be done by using towels. But if we are keeping towels  in our bathrooms, then where should we keep them? Just to make this task easy for you, Garbath presents towel racks. In order to keep the wet towels off the floor, or to simply hang the towels somewhere reachable, we provide you towel racks of every shape and size that not only looks beautiful but also makes it easy for you to use towels in bathroom whenever you want.

Our towel racks come with patented vacuum cup system for nonporous surface and glue parts  for rough surface. So, get rid of the unpleasant task of drilling the walls, producing unnecessary voices, or causing unwanted holes on your expensive titles, and just stick these  easy-to-use racks wherever you want.

Our items include:

They can be used as towel or toilet paper holders due to their compact size. They are  stainless steel wire racks, so they stay rust free. They have plastic suction cup and rubber sucker which helps to mount them on the wall surface easily. They also come with glue accessories to adjust their holder on the rough surface easily.

Towels bars are used in bathroom to hang one big-sized towel or several medium-sized towels. They are made up of stainless steel wire, thus they stay rust free, and so you need not to worry about them getting rusted even in moisturized bathroom. They have heavy duty suction cup for smooth surface and silicon glue accessories for sticking them on the rough surface.

Wall towel racks come with both suction cup and silicon glue system. So, no need of using drilling tools or screws. They are rust proof, as they are made up of stainless steel. They are immensely easy to remove and reuse. Plastic ABS structure makes it easy to clean this type of rack. They have a much defined look that makes your bathrooms look classy.

They are designed in a very simplistic way with a ring that can be used for hanging towels. They have strong suction cup to fix this type of holder on the walls easily. Moreover, it comes with the eco silicon glue to adjust them on rough surfaces of your bathroom. It  carries the stainless steel with anti-rusting quality.

They are also made up of the same stainless steel wire that has electro polish finish. They come with suction fix as well as glue system for the walls with different types of texture. They are also rust-free, and support the same ease to remove and reuse, as all the other products by Garbath.

So the next time you are looking for purchasing products for your bathroom, buy Garbath’s towel holders and make your bathroom look not only stylish and elegant but make it easy for yourself to hang your towels.