What is no drilling required bath accessory

What is no drilling required  bath accessory ?

No drilling required bath accessory  means we can use new methods to mount bath accessory on wall ,abandon drilling or tools which may damage your tile, glass ,wooden surface in bathroom wall.

By comparing traditional ways and  no drilling ways  below , you will get the reason why we should choose no drilling required bath accessories.

1. Traditional ways to mount bath accessory on wall

drill holes on wall








As common knowledge ,  to mount bath accessory on bathroom or kitchen wall surface , we must drill holes on wall  by electric drill or hammer screws .

  • Shortage :

potential risk during installation – drill holes in mistake position or damage surface , then  ugly looking on wall with left holes;
Less flexibility to move another position – It is almost impossible to change the bathroom accessory to new position easily ;


  • Advantage:

Permanent  stay on wall , no need to maintain and worry about drop down .

2. No drilling ways to mount bathroom accessories

no drilling








With new technology , more and more accessories can be available to replace the screws , like suction cups / vacuum cups ,  glue , friction pad.

  • Shortage:

It is semi-permanent ways to mount items on wall , we need to maintain after a certain duration .

  • Advantage:

No risk to mount on wall , no drilling and tools , never damage and leave holes on wall;

Big flexibility to remove and  mount at new point , no any remain